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  • EO Smith says:

    On Cobb Chairman Blocks Public Comment on Lobbyist Contract

    It is comforting to see that Cobb County is just as corrupt as my home county, DeKalb. Avarice and greed rule. Field Searcy recounts the disenfranchisement of the public voice and paints a chilling picture of arrogance and disrespect. But why should we expect anything else? Across Georgia the voice of populous is drowned out by money. Let’s be honest. The Braves move to Cobb is about money and it is not for the taxpayers in the county. Backdoor, sweetheart deals abound at all levels in government and we, the people, allow it.

    Why? Because most voters are too lazy, self-absorbed, and small-brained to realize they are being screwed. This is nothing new. The US has become a nation of the lowest common denominator. When “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars” are hit shows on television, need I say more?

    Wake up, Georgia. The people exist for the benefit of the wealthy. Get over your righteous indignation and deal with it.

  • steve says:

    I live in Northeastern part of Ohio and have been investigating policies implemented in my County when two State Representatives established my County into Appalachia region! The Federal Government has been pouring grant money for the past ten years and with it comes restructuring the Economic Development programs into a Regional structure combining 12 other Counties into a Regional zone! I cannot get any citizen or elected official to even slow it down! Our great Dictator has been living in Cleveland ,Ohio spear heading this United Nations agenda for the past ten years and are succeeding rapidly! There are six Ohio Cities which joined ICLEI organization and follows procedures set forth by hand picked bureaucrats! I have been in a stand still for the past year and would like to get back into the fight! Your literature will be very informative and helpful. I need legal Council to help me with this fight, any suggestions other than the 1851 constitutional law organization? Thanks for your help. Steve M.

  • Karen Schoen says:

    I can’t answer the math question, I don’t have enough fingers…ccs.

    Great web site. Please contact me 954-864-0530. We need to connect.

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